FAQ Category: General

How do I get my songs or audios listed on Play Africa?

To sign up on Play Africa requires no cost. (its free to sign up). These under listed items are required
1. All songs
2. Cover arts
3. Professional pictures
4. Address
5. Social media handle
6. Telephone number
7. Signed up agreement form ( Contact administration for agreement form)
The above listed items are to be send to playafricamusic@gmail.com

What Happens after my songs or audios are listed on Play Africa?

Play Africa management send artiste profile design which are shared on all social media platforms for visibility. Links to the songs are sent to the artiste for shared to fans.

Artistes will also receive link connecting them to their backend profile to monitor all their sales and streaming performance and be able to request for payment at anytime and anywhere.
Upon released of every song artiste are to send their content to Play Africa a week before release to allow communication team to do all the necessary graphical content for promotions and for technical team to get time for pre-order and for loading.

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