How Free Music download contributes to poverty

The Case of Agbeshie and Medikal

This post is a few research done for a period, since I started working for the giant music streaming service in Africa called Play Africa. For the past years the team has been checking on every little stream of all the signed up artiste on the platform against all pirate sites that load the same songs for free.

One of the latest song that has been downloaded for free in 2019 Is Wrowroho by talented rapper from Volta region Agbeshie which features Medikal. Through the follow ups I have realized that Wrowroho song has been downloaded 257,875 times on some popular blogs in Ghana (Names withhold). Medikal on the other hand drop a single tittle Omo Ada (Dem sleep) and only on one blog he has over 90,670 downloads for free.

I will like this post to concentrate on these two number of downloads and what it means to the success of these noble hardworking musicians from Ghana.

Firstly, all these two musicians are signed up on Play Africa. However, upon considering to put their music for sales they watched their songs to be out there for free which could have been prevented. Now let me do little accounting here. Play Africa sells their songs GHC0.99. therefore

Agbeshie Wrowroho will be 0.99 *257,875 = GHC255, 295.25

Medikal Omo Ada will be 0.99 * 90,670 = GHC89, 763.3

This listed amount would have been their take home income if they were purchased. I bet Agbeshie has never seen even half of this amount in his entire career as a musician.

My question to Ghanaian artiste is that do they understand music business at all? Do they know the difference between fame and business? Do they just enjoy the noise from their fans than the load in their pocket? This is heart breaking to know from our hardworking artiste how things like these are being taken for granted.

If we live to learn to do the right thing and change the mindset as well as our altitude of doing things in the old ways growth will be our portion.

Article by Evans Annan-Acquah (Blogger/Publicist- Nana Arab Gh)

(this article is meant for educative purposes to help African artiste to get sustainable income)


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