Many might be wondering what is it all about Play Africa music streaming app. What is it used for, what are their service, how do musicians benefit from being on the service and how can music lovers also enjoy from the service.
Here are some listed information you need to know about Play Africa music streaming app;

1. The app is available on Google play store.

You can download by clicking the link provided


The streaming service is currently only on Google Play store. The management have hinted that it will soon go live for iOS users, windows and will soon launch the web application. Just like any other service, Play Africa focus is to make people have access to the system on all smartphones and devices with an ease.

2. PlayAfrica is registering all songs that has been recorded in Ghana and Africa into their system

Play Africa music streaming service is committed in building the biggest music content ever in Africa. This is by loading every song that has been recorded by an artiste in Africa into the application. This include music from the 70’s, to contemporary. This include al music genre in all the 54 African countries. Currently, Play Africa has the highest music stock in Ghana with over 300 Ghanaian artist signed up unto the system.

3. It serves as a onetime music library and also streaming service for only Africa music.

As the name goes “Play Africa”, the music library and streaming service is devoted for 100% African music. The streaming service will only promote the sales and streaming of African music to the diaspora. This is the first time a streaming service is dedicated only for African contents and this makes Play Africa very unique.

4. Play Africa offers 100% Data free streaming service

Yes, you read it right. The only streaming service that you don’t need internet or mobile data to stream music after subscription and adding music to your library. This is the first of its kind in Africa and even unto the global market. Every subscriber enjoys these service at all times. This reduce the stress of living in no mobile network zone. All what you need it to buy your song or add song to your library and you are good to go. (No Data Wahala)

5. You pay for service through your Local Currency

This is the greatest innovation that has ever evolve from Africa. Nigerians can see the cost in Naira, Ghanaians can see it in Ghana Cedi. In UK users can see all cost in British Pound, as well as in America users can see the cost and make every payment in US Dollars. Now check your country out and you will be able to do all transactions in your local currency.

6. The streaming service pays the highest pay out and royalties to Musicians

Compared to Deezer, Spotify, ITunes and others, Play Africa is the only streaming service that conform to User-Centric approach of paying musicians while other giants companies use the Pro-rata system to pay artiste. For instance, other streaming service pay royalties based on the highest impressions. It is rare that artiste can have 1000 play counts but won’t fetch any amount compared to his counterpart who have like 1 million streams. However, with Play Africa approach, the moment you get a click of stream you get the quoted amount agreed. This makes artiste and record labels get the highest income the more they promote their songs to their fans.

7. Play Africa Pays users for downloading the app and subscribing

This sounds very good. Who will not love to be aid for even using a service. On May 2019 the head of marketing announced that every user on Play Africa deserve to be rewarded for accepting to conform to ‘Pay to Stream” campaign launched by the service to promote music sales in Ghana and in Africa. By so doing every use who download the app from Google play store get paid for that and upon referral get commission.


Story by: Bismark Botchwey (Blogger & Publicist-Play Africa Inc. and Sintim Media)



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